Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wisteria Sinensis Seedlings, Part 2!

Hi everybody! I'm back! with 2 good looking wisteria babies!

So halloween is around the corner, that means my Wisteria is almost a month old. I've never been so excited over growing things besides the time when LO was in my womb...i miss those days..

Anyway, the two seedlings are doing really great for the past few weeks and they have not shown any signs of being limp. They unfortunately have outgrown their wine glass habitat and have no choice but to tolerate the conditions in my apartment for the moment untill i find a suitable new glass house for them.

Weather wised, it has been unpredicatable in colorado. Its very cloudy one day with a chance of frost and extremely sunny and warm the next. But this week, we are very lucky to have the sun shinning and little to no windchill.

As you can see, the third one have yet to sprout. Im beginning to worry that it is one of those duds...but i shall wait 1 more week. I somehow refuse to pry and poke my fingers into the soil to see if it's germinated.

My #1 is doing great so far without the wine glass over it. It has a new node that is going to sprout soon. The leaves are bigger, wider and are facing the direction of sun.

#2 is doing great also, it is slightly younger than #1 that explains its small size for the moment. But no worries, it will catch up soon!

Since the windowsill gets pretty chilly at night time and the apartment cooler, i would place them on my counter, because the vents are directly opposite my window. Many times the heat from the vents manage to kill my plants during winter and i do hope it won't kill my wisterias.

Since winter is approaching, i though of getting a small fish tank and growlight to continue its growth throughout winter, and most likely i would have to place it next to my dining table.

But for now, let them grow...

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