Saturday, October 18, 2014

Growing Wisteria from a Seed ( Wisteria Seedling)

Recently my husband purchased me a few packets of Chinese Wisteria Sinensis from ebay after much persuading.

I fell in love looking at this beautiful tree online and research it before growing. I understand that this tree requires patience to grow; and patience is definitely i'm short of. Especially if it takes more than a decade to bloom, and growing from a seed won't gurantee lushes flowering either. Another challenge i have is the fact that i live in a basement apartment, and have no patio whatsoever to place and grow this outdoor tree.

But, i do have an east facing window in my kitchen. It gets really bright from dawn till 11am, and for the rest of the day, my windowsill gets light but more to the shady side.

So why not try growing a wisteria (bonsai) indoors? I have nothing to lose but a few bucks from purchasing the seeds, pots and soil.


So i received my packet of seeds, and planted 3 of them about almost a month ago. It is fall by the way, which is the best time to grow. Followed the instructions, soak them in warm water for 24hrs and plant them an inch deep and waited.

If you noticed, i placed a bulbous liquor glass (wine? i think i don't drink) over the soil to act as a miniature greenhouse, trapping the geat and moisture supposedly to help it germinate better. It gets pretty chilly at night and the wine glasses act as a barrier against the chill and the hot drafts from the vents nearby.

So i planted them at the last week of September, and the first one peek through within 3 weeks! And the second one followed about a week later (4 weeks).

Throughout its very young stage, i kept the wine glasses over it all the time and only remove it during watering. I only water about a 3 oz worth of lukewarm water and whatever excess flows out at the bottom.

So for now, i just let it grow and i give you more updates in the next post! :D

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